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A newbie’s LinkedIn perspective

Posted in Uncategorized by Lia Sant on March 27, 2012
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Having always been rather sceptical where Social Media is concerned like most of my gen-X mid career colleagues that found ourselves more or less a decade ago,out of the blue, exposed to the overwhelming power of emerging technological new trades and trends, at some point and against all misconceptions, fears and considerations, it was my time to experience the Connecting, Networking and Sharing phenomenon first hand.

Curiosity, imitation, recommendation, information quest are just a few words that I can recall to best describe what my first motivators were.  The quite traditional socio-professional framework we’ve been raised in would have never allowed us such a high degree of interaction and KASH (Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, Habits) exposure apart from that ever classic one-page CV and  formal email constraints.

Since my interest in Web 2.0 was basically career focused, LinkedIn naturally popped up along with a whole bunch of questions and concerns, ranging from essential profile set-up to etiquette and overexposure issues.

Just as I was about to drop the idea, I came across an inspiring tutorial series on LinkedIn that definitely boosted my confidence and opened up new perspectives.

A general portion of good mentoring or just-in-time well-calibrated instruction can mean the world.

So, pulling up one’s sleeves, making time really work, patiently taking wise decisions on which groups to join, companies to follow, discussions to participate in, contributed to






career paths, development, orientation, communication channels which can be a very decisive process especially in career change cases.

The unlimited LinkedIn resume pool provides excellent inspirational, motivational real life role-models and the potential of connecting to prominent specialists in the area of your own expertise in just a few clicks.  As long as you have a solid academic background, innovating ideas, participatory culture, research talents, scientific field current knowledge your contributions will always be appreciated and welcomed and your online Professional Network along with professional career and T&D opportunities  will keep on expanding.


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