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Hurrah!!! Educator’s 2.0 Skills Twinning Celebration

Just recently, engaged in educators-School Librarians 2012 competencies discussion, I used the exact terms of “correlated” and “interconnected” skills and practices.

 Education 2.0 doesn’t give much room to contradiction.  Every SME need to have a solid experience where Web 2.0, webquest, elearning, ICT supported instructional design and Infolit is concerned. As teaching digital natives is becoming less lecture dependent and more guided-discovery or free exploration oriented, educators and librarians have been witnessing a progressive role shift from subject authority to PA (Personal Advising) and Learning Enhancement consultancy.

The greater the distance from traditional education models, the higher the responsibility to successful educational context new media integration.  Additionally, a comparative outlook of professional  KASH attributes from a random profile selection proved to be very illuminating revealing that, besides the core subject expertise, all additional skills and training were somewhat similar and in many cases exactly identical.

It’s consequently more than apparent that even the Generation X trainers, well aware of the new Society 2.0 expectations, are precipitated to making the necessary skill adjustments so as to stay tuned to the new age requirements through as less knowledge fragmentation, as better collaborative attitudes, as more effective web 2.0 skills and as much curation amplifying habits as possible.


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