Lia Sant edufolio

Education 2.0 and the LEC predominance.

The edtech evolution, the thriving Knowmad community, the web 2.0 perplexities and Social Media after effects make us all wonder about the future of education and emerging professional opportunities.

Learning Facilitaror, Learning Enhancement Coordinator, Learning Consultant, Personal Learning Advisor are but a few tags attributed to what is basically the one and only indisputably indispensable expertise in helping others effectively deploy their talents, successfully discover their vocation, efficiently amplify their skills, decisively empower their competences through engaging traditional and digital world gateways.

With a thorough knowledge of what is best in both worlds, paper and digital, a solid understanding of privacy-copyright-integrity issues, a practical know-how of instructional  design, curriculum development, pedagogy latest research data, project management current trends, excellence in IT, organisational and communicative skills they are multidisciplinary in nature that can efficiently, no matter what their core subject might have been, cope with a vast variety of learning objectives matching the right means to the right learning context.

Pluralistic, interdisciplinary, transmedia knowledge approach are their coordinates and success their middle name!!

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