Lia Sant edufolio

How come Greece always at the forefront of educational drawback???

It has been a riddle the way both the Education Department and the academic community have been handling realities back home.

Since my early childhood and as far as I can remember, there was always a lot of fuss, especially just before and right after national election campaigns, about educational most promising never delivered reform projects.  Parades, inaugurations, press releases following research and small scale pilot projects…

A paradox still remains why, while the rest of the world was galloping to the Education 2.0 gateways, home sweet home arrogantly considered that a few minor curriculum adjustments, some patching up here and there, would remedy the situation.

When most of the  western world was born digital, Greek students were  just newbies to the powerful web world.

And the question still remaining as to why the responsible irresponsible didn’t take all the necessary steps to upgrade methods and material, ICT is still for quite many “terra incognita”.  From all the Higher Education institutions available, ICT supported Instructional Design, Information Literacy or Faculty Development courses are very hard to find and even more difficult to attend.

As to open and distant learning, e-learning or online learning,  zilch apart from the one and only Greek Open University (E.A.P.), with a selection procedure not based on merit, competences, recommendations or publications but, surprisingly, drawing lots, and which according to a recent research doesn’t necessarily respond to the latest technological trends and is often been reproached with a rather unsuccessful, unproductive, uninspired, outdated classroom practice transfer to the distant learning environment.

I’m wondering if anyone else really wishes for things to change besides parents who doubt as to whether their offspring could ever successfully cope with Society 2.0 expectations.  Decision makers tend to bring the problem down to budgeting, infrastructures, personnel reluctancy to change and so on.  The truth lies somewhere between Generation X  reform reluctant teachers, politicians that wanted their office remembered for showcase projects in most cases withdrawn overnight, students feeling like guinea-pigs, the Greek education melting pot evaporating talents, aspirations, hopes  and here we are today trapped in a downsizing economy half-qualified alumni all dressed up and nowhere to go!!!


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