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Innovative Articulate Storyline: a Story worth sharing

Posted in Uncategorized by Lia Sant on May 12, 2012
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Although computer savvy and edtech passionate since ever, putting together e-learning modules has always been giving me a light headache.  What has been bothering me since the beginning of that ppt courtship is the fact that I’ve so many times found myself drifted away by endless technicalities at the expense of genuine educational thought.

Not having the chance of  being a computer programmer and with never enough time to neither read through as much elearning expert tips as I’d like to nor to dedicate half of the module elaboration time to the software part of the process, I’ve been for so long praying for an innovative, inspiring, teacher-friendly, less time-consuming elearning authoring tool.

And guess what?!! It’s finally out!! The Articulate Storyline is a fact!

  •  No more complexities
  • No more time waste

It’s the quintessence of rapid elearning  addressing

  • Adult trainers
  • Busy educators who want to integrate elearning micromodules to their flipped classrooms
  • Behind schedule LMS administrators struggling to maintain learning and testing engaging and motivating

It has all the features you will ever need in just one place: signs,  presenter avatars, templates, great testing options and the list goes on…

So forget all about leaving your screen every now and then to look for all those resources and add-ons that have been eating up your valuable time.  Storyline will let you focus on your most important task which is nothing less than “INSPIRING KNOWLEDGE”.


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