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Articulate Storyline comeback…

Posted in Uncategorized by Lia Sant on June 17, 2012
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After having in depth experimented with the new Articulate e-learning authoring tool Storyline, it’s with great joy that I strongly recommend it to all fellow instructors, teacher librarians, media specialists, learning enhancement professionals as a truly indispensable application to all e-learning, blended learning and ICT supported lesson delivery practices.

Apart from being absolutely user-friendly, it wisely combines that wide range of features necessary for making interactive content captivating.  Successfully responding to both young learners’ and Just-In-Time vocational adult training needs, it provides an inexhaustible variety of tools such as

  • Interactive characters that in combination with multi layer slides give the illusion of direct communication and partly fill in the student-instructor collaboration gap
  • Markers that transform information to rich content eye-catching experience
  • Simulation options to step-by-step test trainees responsiveness thus providing excellent feedback on the teaching process
  • Template gallery and quiz options of all shapes and styles
  • Interactive buttons, action triggers

making the application so easy to use whether it’s about

  • a complete e-learning pack
  • a classroom teaching supplement
  • a flipped homework interactive set of activities

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