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Once upon a time …| Flipped Classroom reminiscence

Posted in Uncategorized by Lia Sant on June 18, 2012
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Going through two very interesting posts on flipped classroom strategies the other day, I couldn’t help recalling my high school years and, as I tried retracing my daily schedule at that time, I discovered, to my utmost surprise, some incredible facts on how teachers and young learners even then perceived innovation, flexibility and customization and were able to readjust any learning experience to fit their interests, goals and aspirations even within the most rigid education frameworks. 

It was an era of absolute

  • Teacher authority
  • Lecture predominance
  • Passive learning
  • Zero tolerance of initiative

Even so, with the “accord tacite” (silent agreement) of a couple of “progre” professors (radical change influencers), there had started a small scale unofficial flipped classroom experiment that I often regret not having documented.

We were all highly encouraged to read quickly through or have a peek to the next chapters that we were to discuss during class, giving us this way more time to

  • focus on the most important or difficult topics
  • conduct classroom drills (flipped homework)
  • discuss, share, collaborate

Instead of dozing off to the teacher’s sweet lecture lullaby, we were engaged in constructive debates waitlisting dozens of intriguingly motivating discussion questions.  Those illuminated SME in the role of moderators were truly trying their best to help their students’ oppressed creativity unfold having foreseen the eminent knowledge society radical transformation.  Their intuition and perseverance against a static educational world, our receptiveness and determination were CRITICAL THINKING AND SELF-MOTIVATION MILESTONES HALFWAY TO SUCCESS!!



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