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What can E-learning be???

Posted in Uncategorized by Lia Sant on June 18, 2012
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Before plunging into Amazon best seller “The Golden Climate in Distance Learning” by Dr. M. Kostina and Dr. W. LaGanza and “Teach Online!” guide by M.Kostina, I wanted to summarize a few thoughts on what e-learning is all about.

E-learning can be

  • Synchronous
  • Asynchronous
  • Online
  • Offline
  • A whole set of modules, resources on any given LMS
  • Animated presentations
  • A video
  • A task simulation
  • A webinar
  • A collaboration platform
  • A wiki
  • Social media and PLNs
  • Digital learning resources repositories
  • Video conferencing

What does it take to become an e-learning specialist?

Apart from E-learning, instructional design, educational psychology graduate and postgraduate qualifications, an e-learning professional should

  •  Have Solid computer skills
  • Be technology enthusiast
  • Have good organizational skills
  • Be communicative, social media savvy
  • Be patient, perseverant, flexible, resourceful and intuitive
  • Be a dedicated researcher and content curator
  • Be a life long learner

I’m sure that by the time I finish reading both books, there will be a lot of new bullet points added to the above lists.  For now, don’t forget to download your copies.

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