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A must-read TEACH ONLINE Guide

Posted in Uncategorized by Lia Sant on June 23, 2012
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Enrolled in a European Masters Program in Educational Technologies, I frequently search Amazon database for additional reading material to enhance my daily study schedule.  TEACH ONLINE  being among the first books that come up and as soon as  recognising that the writer was no other than Dr. Marina Kostina whose valuable advice has already greatly contributed via Effective online to my professional development,  I instinctively got my 1 click Kindle copy, absolutely convinced that this book would definitely be a revelation.

I was indeed very happy to be proven 100 percent right about the quality and significance of its contents!

Going beyond the usual online teaching technical guides, it helps you establish whether online teaching is your vocation by detailing

  • the pros and cons of the profession
  • the required or desirable qualifications
  • all necessary steps to showcase expertise, market skills and brand one’s professional presence

Special tribute is made to the importance of

  • social and professional networking in the pursuit of higher job prospectives
  • video resume elaboration
  • CV/resume preparation process
  • the distinction of for-profit, non-profit online tutoring jobs

Focusing on misconceptions and hesitations that educators might be facing in regards to taking the great leap to the future, TEACH OLINE helps them, us all, to get on the best possible track, making sure that we have all the facts straight before embarking on this new exciting career.


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