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On the art of Influencing, Engaging, Empowering: Book reviews

Posted in Uncategorized by Lia Sant on July 2, 2012
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The other day, I spared some time to go through a couple of Kindle books I stumbled upon during my scheduled Amazon store browsing.

Topics were nothing out of the ordinary: The Art of Influencing Others by J. Mathie and Awesome Webinar Method by M. Bullard, dealing with current leadership, social media, marketing and new tech issues for product, skills and services branding and promotion. 

What seemed to have impressed me the most, apart from the explicit, clear, illustrative writing styles, was that both authors were making a strong case for content sharing in the form of Freebies, active listening and  Joint Ventures impact on forging strong bonds with one’s target audience, promoting or upgrading one’s professional or community online presence.

I couldn’t help identifying essential similarities between a successful real time webinar moderator, a top influencer and an effective 21st century educator. As I was reading on, I realized that all the advice on Active Listening, Sharing, Engaging, Motivating, Empowering, Supporting, Collaborating, Connecting provided in these reader-friendly guides could definitely fit any educational context. 

Today’s educators, having to cope with a whole new ecosystem, could largely benefit from new paradigms, fresh concepts and modern considerations on what works best with the digital Gen within the changing workplace requirements.

Have a taste of fresh inspiration!! I’m sure that you’ll be surprised by the amount of positive energy and creative ideas these texts will infuse into you!!


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