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The Golden Climate in Distance Learning: book review

Posted in Uncategorized by Lia Sant on July 2, 2012
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One can’t find enough words to describe benefits from sharing “The Secrets of Immediate Connection, Engagement and Performance” by Dr. Kostina & Dr. LaGanza within the online educators community. 

Based on the Dynamic Interrelational Space Model (DIS), the authors encourage us to move “beyond best practices” and through a wealth of suggestions, links, examples, supported by extensive bibliography and expert opinion as recorded in a series of interviews with prominent distance learning researchers and education specialists, invite us to RETHINK our Pedagogical Approach in the way we deliver our courses.

Focusing on the so much neglected affective dimension’s  profound impact on learners’ motivation, engagement and retention, the importance of icebreaking activities, constructive feedback, social interaction, negotiation and collaboration, this innovative publication is the university research distilled knowledge that proposes support strategies and techniques to help immediately bridge the Cyberspace gap, dissolve all distance teaching fears and misconceptions, personalize interaction and encourage.

Reader initiation to the Project-Enhanced Learning, Critical In-Mind Boundary, Disinhibition Effect and Cognitive Dissonance concepts as well as the Golden Paradox of

  • Achieving social connectedness while developing learner autonomy and
  • Being present for your online learners and at the same time let them be

are just a few of the book’s highlights aiming to contribute to generating a distance learning climate conducive to positive online learning.


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