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Easy come, Easy go!!

Posted in Uncategorized by Lia Sant on April 20, 2013
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My rather short although condensed involvement in Social Media Stage counting a rather modest but nevertheless meaningful, I hope, contribution, has generated over time a series of dilemmas, second thoughts and legitimate considerations that have shaped responsiveness, styles and attitudes and will continue to do so in the future.

All voices, not to count my intuition, were always telling me

  • Keep it short and simple!!
  • Make your title intriguing enough to mesmerize your audience
  • Make your point from the very first 5 lines so as to capture your readers’ attention right from the start.
  • Use abundant graphics and videos and ask kick starter questions to take the conversation to the next step.
  • Give room for debate.
  • Don’t forget to be appreciative. Follow and Retweet. Be persistent and establish a steady communicative flow.

Halfway at some point, feeling overwhelmed decided against all good practices to take my time and distance, reevaluate, relax, reconsider.

No matter how active one might have been in socializing, networking, curating, as they say: EASY COME, EASY GO.  Even if you have the greatest content ever, once deciding to slow down your activities, inflows drop down dramatically.

IT’S A BRAND NEW WORLD WITH BRAND NEW RULES AND BRAND NEW ATTITUDES. It’s like the wheel has been reinvented in different shapes and functions.  Time makes fine wine but on web spaces and web social, time equals oblivion, heavily weighing against impact and recognition.  It’s like when shouting to draw attention and successfully do but for how long??

No matter how well your “voice” sounds, how significant the message is, how many people respond, unless continually feeding your profile, you won’t have a chance to get the next message through: communication channels, audiences and follower affiliations  lost as easy as they are established.  SPEED, PERSEVERANCE,  DEDICATION  AT TIMES SEEM TO BE MORE DECISIVE THAN CONTENT ITSELF.

How to summarize profound meanings, metacognitive considerations, argumentation of superior order in just a few lines??

If you decide to take the full text pathway, you should be well prepared for some unpleasant surprises. Scientists, entrepreneurs and educators are already well aware of the 10 line power.  However, the process of striping our intellect of all that’s superfluous and repetitive, distilling concepts and arguments is a rather painstaking task that consumes considerable time and gray matter.  So it all comes down to that basic question: Keep twitting, recycle old tweets, tweet even if you don’t have a significant message to deliver just to stay in current even if at times you’re out of context or relevance?



And remember, your web traces will always be there. Is it better to be identified with  trivialities than not to be identified at all??


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  1. nestorclabo said,

    He disfrutado mucho con este post, Lia. Una visión muy divertida y acertada de las estrategias para “ser alguien” en la web social. Siguiendo tu estrategia, seré breve y te responderé también con un tweet, para hacerme visible hoy domingo en tweeter, ya que no he intervenido porque he estado dedicado a mis redes sociales fuera de la web. Un saludo y enhorabuena!!!!

  2. tonywebsoc said,

    It’s true, inflows drop down dramatically when you slow down your activities. Is that important? What do you write for? IMHO it’s better not to be identified with trivialities. If you have been posting… your traces will be there, so you will be identified. Relax, enjoy… and they will come.

  3. Andrea said,

    Interesante…..todavía estoy reflexionando sobre tu pregunta: Is it better to be identified with trivialities than not to be identified at all?
    Me cuesta bastante (que no soy experta usuaria de redes sociales) aunque creo que me estoy entregando y tratando de disfrutarlo. Me gusto mucho tu post!!

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