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Showcase, inspire, create with Pinterest

Posted in Uncategorized by Lia Sant on May 6, 2013
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Joining Pinterest makes a completely different experience.  Although the mandatory initiation task to follow others’ boards may have seemed rather awkward at first, it soon became clear, within the first ten minute interaction with the interface, that it’s nothing less than a kickstarter activity to help novices smoothly plunge into this innovative platform.images

Browser Pinterest bookmarklet instantly installed and it was a matter of seconds to start pinning my first selections.  The search function by topic or user name is quite powerful  and inviting others to share your boards and contribute just as easy as following, pinning, adding and adjusting your visibility levels.  It’s even just as easy as starting a community.

It’s much more than collecting pictures. In the hands of an information or education specialist, it can take new dimensions and become an invaluable and irreplaceable tool.  I don’t know where to start from, enumerating Pinterest’s potential use for educational purposes: promoting reading, enhancing young learners’ research skills, empowering interaction and cooperation, showcasing library news, acquisitions, events being just a few of the dozens of  advantages it has brought to the Web 2.0 user community.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try this innovative solution!!


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  1. I see you are excited with the new discovery!!! Great!!!

    I created my Pinterest account a couple of months ago and I find it very useful, mainly because you can manage your own content and you can organize it however you want!! That makes easy to separate the different contents that you like.

    I find it useful not only for educational purposes, but also for having in a single network all the content you want. Don’t forget you can put the links behind each picture, so you can get to the website they come from whenever you need to.

    I also enjoy trying Pinterest and finding its possibilities!!!! See you there!! 😉

    • Lia Sant said,

      I’m just starting to get to grips with its major features!!!
      And it looks like it will become our new favourite hangout!!! :-))

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