Lia Sant edufolio

About introducing a devoted elearner!!

Half Greek half Maltese,  genuineMediterranean, open-minded, intuitive and creative, it has always been easy to adapt to and adopt new trends and practices.  Multicultural by descent, multilingual by choice, I warmly appreciate the value of ethnic identities and traditions.

Always on the move, over the years I have come to develop a passion for educational context embedded technology, travel, history and genealogical science.  My lifelong interaction with information material in all different forms and places has enabled me to enhance critical thinking, practice transformational knowledge skills and implement information best practices.

My learning curriculum has taught me never to give up on a project, to exhaustively explore all alternatives before finalizing decisions and to keep walking!!!

There have been thousands of times that I couldn’t go to sleep before making sure that every tiny detail has been taken care of.  Time management and contingency planning are absolutely top priorities in all of my projects.

When neither working nor studying, I like enjoying traditional cuisine in the company of friends and family, taking long seaside walks, computer browsing to catch up with the latest news, meeting people, exchanging ideas, sharing goals, building up strong communication  channels.

Thank you for accessing my online space. 

For more insight to my philosophy, work experience and qualifications, please visit my webfolio site.



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