Lia Sant edufolio

Career pathway overview


A Master in Libraries and Digital Information Services (2013),  a  Bachelor in European Languages  and additional Postgraduate Certifications and professional training  in

  • Libraries and Web 2.o
  • Educational Technology
  • Learning Communities
  • PC literacy
  • Advanced office Administrative functions,
  • Marketing and Human Resource Management
  • Library & Information Science
  •  E-learning Design

which could largely respond to any Faculty Support Personnel Requirements where strong communicative and organizational skills, attention to detail, a high degree of social responsibility and a deep understanding of education’s impact on individual and community progress are in demand.

During my career, I’ve demonstrated ability to meet organizational objectives and demands.  My qualifications represent a background of increasingly important assignments within both private and public organizations that have given me the opportunity to make many valuable contributions in a number of functional areas such as citizen relations, library information desk, personnel training, information literacy, e-learning design.

In short, being able to manage the office without supervision, juggle multiple tasks effectively and maintain confidentiality with highly sensitive materials and matters, having experience in supervising staff and successfully managing both internal and external relationships, thus accelerating the achievement of goals and positioning myself as a valuable resource in a variety of situations, would bring to the work of your institution a strong and talented presence along with a positive cooperative attitude and well-rounded efficiency in managing written and verbal communications and in developing and implementing creative ideas.


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