Lia Sant edufolio

Latest Readings

OCW Seminars:


  1. EL200- EL205:Prior Learning Assessment Parts I-II-KAPLAN UNIVERSITY
  2. PTC650:Web-Based Training DesignNew Jersey Institute of Technology
  3. H807_1:Accessibility of elearning-OPENUK
  4. TL_RE_T4:Introduction to Accelerated Learning-OPENUK
  5. OER_1:Creating Open Educational ResourcesOPENUK
  6. SI626:Management of Libraries and Information Services-OPEN.MICHIGAN
  7. SI643:Professional Practice in Libraries and Information Centers-OPENMICHIGAN
  8. Organización del Centro EscolarUNIVERSIDAD DE SEVILLA
  9. Nuevas Tecnologías aplicadas a la Educación-UNIVERSIDAD DE SEVILLA
  10. TIC en la enseñanza de segundas lenguas (2009)-UNIVERSIDAD DE ALICANTE

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