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STEM education supported by Big Corporations Initiatives

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Faced with a likely shortage of suitable employees in the future, corporations are proactively aiding reform of the education system.  Read more on Education

Eye-catching Site Mapping Tool

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Entice visitors to explore and savor the experience of visiting your web site, add visualizations to your blog, create a mindmap or organizational chart, or encourage students to delve deeper.

SpicyNodes is a community membership free  site mapping solution to disorganized information and frustrated visitors. Browsing through a series of short, enticing “nodes,” allowing them to fly through information. Adding an engaging site map, directory, or content portal is a great way to improve visitor satisfaction.


Public libraries – is the worst yet to come?

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CILIP News: 16 March 2012.

CILIP’s survey of public library authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland gives the most up to date picture of the state of public library services estimating that this financial year 2,159 posts will be deleted from a total of 20,924 staff, a 10% cut in staffing twenty-five per cent of which at a professional level.

Defining the ID tag!!!

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No matter whether we market ourselves as  EDUCATION CONSULTANTS, LEARNING ENHANCEMENT ADVISORS, FACULTY DEVELOPMENT SPECIALISTS, TEACHER TRAINERS, LEARNING SUPPORT PROFESSIONALS, INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNERS, CURRICULUM COORDINATORS, our qualities in this current skills defragmentation era definitely interconnect and correlate to enable us to cope with changing user-centered educational contexts.

Check the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook for a detailed job analysis and employment projections!!!

Unique OpenED 2.0 course:social media recommendation incentives

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The United Nations University offers a unique openEd 2.0 course: Business and Management Competencies in a Web 2.0 World, a 10-module free e-learning programme with the option of getting a letter-format or social media recommendation for peer support.