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International Infolit Resources Directory: Join, Contribute…

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The Information Literacy Section of the International Federation of Library Association and Institutions ( IFLA) has created this database to record information literacy materials from different parts of the world, on behalf of UNESCO.

Librarians, educators and information professionals who have developed information literacy materials and would like to share them with the world community are invited to participate. Learn more…

Media awareness engaging online tutorials!!!

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Great flash animation  online modules  in Web literacy for students in Grades 6 to 8.

In the CyberTour, students accompany Josie and Joseph Cool as they visit twelve of their favourite Web sites. At each site, students must decide whether the Jos are making the right decisions. (Each scenario represents specific issues and challenges faced by kids when they surf the World Wide Web.)

These situations are intended as springboards to help kids surf wisely and begin to think critically about online privacy, online marketing, responsible Internet use, authenticating online resources and Internet safety.

Searching JSTOR | The University of Arizona University Libraries

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Via Scoop.itNew-Tech Librarian

This interactive tutorial provides students with step by step instructions on finding and evaluating articles from the JSTOR database.

A great example of what inspired librarians can do to best integrate LIL to everyday patron practice.


What Every New Media Specialist Needs to Know: These 10 tips can help your career get off to a great start

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Like it or not, we’re still battling that age-old stereotype of the school librarian as a little old lady with a bun who shuffles around shushing people. How can you help others see that you’re a creative, computer-savvy information specialist who works hard to collaborate with students and teachers? How can you become the dynamic leader you’re meant to be? And even more to the point, how can your survive your first year on the job?
Take a deep breath! Relief is on the way. Here are 10 road-tested tips that will help you not only survive, but also thrive.


Information Literacy OERs – tell us what you know

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Survey to gather information on how librarians share Open Educational Resources (OER)

The CILIP CSG-Information Literacy group are delighted to be partnering with UNESCO to collaborate on a new project to highlight information literacy open educational resources in the UK.

With this aim they are conducting a short survey of librarians to gather information about the OER collections  currently used and to identify people interested in working on the project either in the UK or elsewhere in the world.


Welcome to Inquire

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Via Scoop.itSchooL-i-Tecs 101

Introducing . . .

Inquire, a complete learning guide, covering 21st century skills, traditional study skills, the inquiry process, and project-based instruction.  This handbook works in any class across the curriculum, helping students think and learn.

It also works well as the main resource in a media center, a library, a study-skills or research course, or a program based on inquiry or projects.


South Jersey high school librarians teaching students how to use high technology in their research

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Via Scoop.itNew-Tech Librarian

A steady murmur of voices emanated from the Cedar Creek High School library. But as librarian Christine Finn walked toward a table of students, it wasn’t to quiet them down, but to assist in their history project creating a wiki on the Great Plains.

Librarians (or media specialists as they are also called) say the school library has become less a static place to look up information and more of an active jumping off point for learning.


How to run a great workshop

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Recommending Nikki Highmore Sims’ book “How to run a great workshop” to all involved in delivering workshops or training including information literacy tutorials. It features a lot of fascinating ideas for creative minds…