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El Futuro está acerca!!

Posted in Uncategorized by Lia Sant on April 18, 2013
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La Plataforma MiriadaX desde la primera mirada fue una revelación. Buscando ampliar mis conocimientos en unos temas tecnológicos y mediáticos que se podrían vincular con mis estudios actuales de Maestría en Bibliotecas y Servicios de Información Digital, me había sin retraso dirigido a la plataforma y de una oferta de cursos creciente fue muy sencillo seleccionar los de mayor interés y relevancia.  Después de un minucioso estudio de la información disponible sobre plazos, requerimientos, equipos docentes, duración y metodología que se prestaba de forma multimedial, La Pièce est Jouée!!!

2013-02-28_1446Dentro poco, me encuentro inmersa en un panorama de video tutoriales, lecturas, cuestionarios, tareas P2P que favorecen la interacción, el desarrollo cognitivo e investigador y la participación. Los docentes (more…)


What is edX?

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The future of online education is being decided by brick-and-mortar schools. As we’ve seen in recent weeks, MIT is making a massive push to allow the entire planet to get a quality online education.

Now, Harvard is adding itself to the mix. Harvard President Drew Faust and MIT President Susan Hockfield just announced the new ‘edX’ learning platform.

According to the Harvard Gazette, edX is a “transformational partnership in online education.” So that seems a bit vague. What exactly is it?

Open Education Week reflections:Transforming the Way Knowledge Is Spread

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A very interesting report on the OpenEducationweek proceedings, discussions and considerations from New York Times World.

Unique OpenED 2.0 course:social media recommendation incentives

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The United Nations University offers a unique openEd 2.0 course: Business and Management Competencies in a Web 2.0 World, a 10-module free e-learning programme with the option of getting a letter-format or social media recommendation for peer support.

First ever Open Education Week!! Stay tuned!!

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Just about the time I’d been thinking Open Education perspectives and the OCW participants scope of opportunities in gaining certifications, recognition and recommendations for their achievements, the first ever OPEN EDUCATION WEEK is here THIS to raise awareness of the OE movement and all related issues through a series of events, webinars and discussions between Monday March 5 and Saturday March 10.


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Welcome to my professional Webfolio.

It’s not intended to be considered as an extension of the paper-based typical resume.  Its scope is much broader in the sense that being designed as my personal online space,

  •  it enables you, and hopefully will continue to do so in years to come, to track my professional development along with my learning evolution
  •  it serves as an open invitation forum where sharing reflections on current elearning, ilearning and OCW topics that will be regularly brought to you  to discussion