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Student Publishing – Excite Students to Write!

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Make students published authors! Publish individual student stories or have them each contribute to a classbook. 100% free programs available.

Excite students to write through publishing! This free program allows teachers to enhance their curriculum in a tangible, project-based approach at no cost to the teacher or the school. Believe in the motivational power of publishing and striving to assist teachers in developing students to find their creative and expressive selves.



Picture Hunters: to be or not to be?!!

The other day, as I was browsing Google images for some graphic to complement an article with, I came across some really good stuff I could use.

The thing is that there was no primary source attribution and more extensive research revealed a repetitive use of the exact same picture in all sorts of blogs, sites and weblogs with no references whatsoever.

Not knowing where it came from, whether it’s copyright, public domain or Creative Commons, labeled for non-profit/educational/commercial  context re-use and , absolutely wanting to pay credit to the inspired graphic designer who put it together in the first place, are and should always be important issues to anyone in the Information, Content Curation and Publication fields.

The simple reminder “this picture may be subject to copyright  ”so frequently popping  up doesn’t remedy the situation.  In the time-starving information swirl we are all in, we’ve been used to indulging ourselves in the speed, quantity and comfort that online content aggregators provide us with.

How would we all feel if we were to see our graphics online without the least intellectual property accreditation??

Connecting, Sharing, Informing, copying after copying, pasting after pasting is swell but what about ensuring there is no risk of copyright infringement involved??!!!

Very few people are in fact familiar with the Google images advanced search feature that does that license check for us.

Read more in “Google Images for Royalty Free Photos?” by Stephen Browne about the whole process with some helpful tips to go successfully through.

Smithsonian Education – Prepare, Plan, Teach

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Via Scoop.itSchooL-i-Tecs 101

At Smithsonian Education, educators will find great teaching materials, links to hundreds of online resources and access to everything the world’s largest museum complex has to offer.