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The Golden Climate in Distance Learning: book review

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One can’t find enough words to describe benefits from sharing “The Secrets of Immediate Connection, Engagement and Performance” by Dr. Kostina & Dr. LaGanza within the online educators community. 

Based on the Dynamic Interrelational Space Model (DIS), the authors encourage us to move “beyond best practices” and through a wealth of suggestions, links, examples, supported by extensive bibliography and expert opinion as recorded in a series of interviews with prominent distance learning researchers and education specialists, invite us to RETHINK our Pedagogical Approach in the way we deliver our courses.

Focusing on the so much neglected affective dimension’s  profound impact on learners’ motivation, engagement and retention, the importance of icebreaking activities, constructive feedback, social interaction, negotiation and collaboration, this innovative publication is the university research distilled knowledge that proposes support strategies and techniques to help immediately bridge the Cyberspace gap, dissolve all distance teaching fears and misconceptions, personalize interaction and encourage.

Reader initiation to the Project-Enhanced Learning, Critical In-Mind Boundary, Disinhibition Effect and Cognitive Dissonance concepts as well as the Golden Paradox of

  • Achieving social connectedness while developing learner autonomy and
  • Being present for your online learners and at the same time let them be

are just a few of the book’s highlights aiming to contribute to generating a distance learning climate conducive to positive online learning.


A must-read TEACH ONLINE Guide

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Enrolled in a European Masters Program in Educational Technologies, I frequently search Amazon database for additional reading material to enhance my daily study schedule.  TEACH ONLINE  being among the first books that come up and as soon as  recognising that the writer was no other than Dr. Marina Kostina whose valuable advice has already greatly contributed via Effective online to my professional development,  I instinctively got my 1 click Kindle copy, absolutely convinced that this book would definitely be a revelation.

I was indeed very happy to be proven 100 percent right about the quality and significance of its contents!

Going beyond the usual online teaching technical guides, it helps you establish whether online teaching is your vocation by detailing

  • the pros and cons of the profession
  • the required or desirable qualifications
  • all necessary steps to showcase expertise, market skills and brand one’s professional presence

Special tribute is made to the importance of

  • social and professional networking in the pursuit of higher job prospectives
  • video resume elaboration
  • CV/resume preparation process
  • the distinction of for-profit, non-profit online tutoring jobs

Focusing on misconceptions and hesitations that educators might be facing in regards to taking the great leap to the future, TEACH OLINE helps them, us all, to get on the best possible track, making sure that we have all the facts straight before embarking on this new exciting career.

What can E-learning be???

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Before plunging into Amazon best seller “The Golden Climate in Distance Learning” by Dr. M. Kostina and Dr. W. LaGanza and “Teach Online!” guide by M.Kostina, I wanted to summarize a few thoughts on what e-learning is all about.

E-learning can be

  • Synchronous
  • Asynchronous
  • Online
  • Offline
  • A whole set of modules, resources on any given LMS
  • Animated presentations
  • A video
  • A task simulation
  • A webinar
  • A collaboration platform
  • A wiki
  • Social media and PLNs
  • Digital learning resources repositories
  • Video conferencing

What does it take to become an e-learning specialist?

Apart from E-learning, instructional design, educational psychology graduate and postgraduate qualifications, an e-learning professional should

  •  Have Solid computer skills
  • Be technology enthusiast
  • Have good organizational skills
  • Be communicative, social media savvy
  • Be patient, perseverant, flexible, resourceful and intuitive
  • Be a dedicated researcher and content curator
  • Be a life long learner

I’m sure that by the time I finish reading both books, there will be a lot of new bullet points added to the above lists.  For now, don’t forget to download your copies.

Quality online teaching…

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How do you want to teach online?

This question really asks you to consider your basic teaching philosophy. What is my role as an instructor? Do I take an objectivist view, that knowledge is finite and defined, that I am an expert in the subject matter who knows more than the students, and thus my job is to ensure that I transfer as effectively as possible that information or knowledge to the student?

In this post,Tony Bates will be discussing the first and by far the most important step: deciding how you want to teach online.