Lia Sant edufolio A must-try twitter analytics tool

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imagesWith detailled profile info, especially join date and timezone which can be of the outmost importance when designing a social media strategy, follower statistics, topic tag clouds, favorate hashtags, user interaction profiles and detailed 100 tweet analysis, proves to be an innovative application will surely give us a rich near real-time insight about any public Twitter user profile for free.

Try it without delay!!


O Tempora, O Mores!!

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chainsSin duda la web tiene un poder aditivo y al mismo tiempo substractivo milagroso.  Con la puesta en marcha de una buena estrategia 2.0, resulta  tan fácil ganar seguidores, resonancia, reconocimiento como perder su camino, encarcelarse en las expectativas de su propia audiencia, transformarse gradualmente en ¨ porta voz¨ de top influencers, tener miedo sacar adelante la conversación, contentarse con agradecimientos y elogios mutuales en vez de contradecir, argumentar, descodificar, desmitificar.

Y nos vemos como la alta competición en aumentar contactos LinkedIn se ha desarrollado en pasatiempo favorito y un gran volumen de tuits promovido por la necesidad de conseguir altos rankings en las plataformas de gestión de Redes Sociales. (more…)

Curso Web Social- UC3M/Expectativas y consideraciones

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twitterLas aspiraciones que me hayan impulsado a cursar la asignatura Web Social que forma parte de los cursos opcionales del Máster en Bibliotecas y Servicios de Información Digital de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid se podrían básicamente resumir, pero sin limitarse, en…

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Powerpoint twitter integration SAP tools!!!

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  • Learn how you can add feedback slides with tweets  throughout your ppts
  •  how to automatically tweet your key points when presenting
  • how to engage your audience with Twitter Voting and much more

brought to you by SAP

Helpful Tips on how to weave aspiring PLNs

Personal Learning Networks, or PLNs, are a universal reality extending from family and friends teachers and students, to worldwide communities like Facebook, blogs, wikis…

Your  PLN can do wonders for your Professional development, Classroom resources and lesson plans and your students skills (Watch the Networked Student Video)

It is in fact a global learning network, enabling you build personal relationships with fellow educators, school administrators and experts from around the world, share resources, learn and collaborate and get feedback on your ideas and projects.  It’s well worth taking time and effort to build it as you’ll soon discover that your PLN is the best professional development you’ll ever have.

At the beginning, the whole process might seem overwhelming. However, creating a PLN, has proved to be the best way to get new teachers on the move.

Start with what you know! Set your goals

Open yourself to the world!

Become an active social-media (Twitter) user by visiting, choosing from hashtags that connect to your interests and  starting using them. It might seem difficult at first to follow threads of conversation but before giving up, try rethinking your strategy. It’s only a matter of weeks before you’ll be able to train others in social media practices. Remember that educators always look for innovative resources.  Thus sharing quality content, will help make more connections quickly!

Sign up in twitter,a diverse and innovative network giving you access to thousands of like minded  teachers around the world with rich backgrounds that can contribute to effective teaching and learning, complete your bio, connect to edubloggers from the Edublogs  (International Edublog DirectoryEdublog Awards Nominees) community, tweet, retweet and contribute.  Don’t forget to check your twitter interactions, email inbox daily and always respond and comment back and thank for RTs / mentions. Whenever possible start twitter topic discussions

Set a daily routine


Take one step at a time.   Read educational blogs and keep on tweeting about your professional discoveries, news, considerations. Get involved in webinar series as participant or presenter.  Share links, ideas, content with other educators and connect to those having a more in depth knowledge about different topics.

Alternatively view webinars (Serendipitiy – FineFocus) post your thoughts about them on your blog, leave comments and  links to your blog posts..

Join educator communities such as EdutopiaClassroom 2.0, and Teacher 2.0 forums that encourage and promote teacher collaboration.  Learn from others, be appreciative and help others learn.

Organise your Resources Put together livebinders, start scooping your favourite content, define your blog objectives

Don’t rush things. Let time take its course

Be resourceful and creative in the use of Skype

Be Prepared to Collaborate and Take part in projects

Blogging (wordpress)and following other blogs helps you build a strong PLN. Read , Write, Comment… Approve comments quickly, and always respond back to your posts readers

Subscribe to RSS feeds,

Use Flipboard,

Backchannel in conferences, follow conversations and highlight links

Share Bookmarks (Diigo, Delicious)

Keep up with experts (LinkedIn Teacher’s Lounge, ISTE),

Infographing your way through social media…

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Two must-read through data visualizations, the first one from Zintro on the Social Media platforms facts and figures and degrees of  how each one of these could help promote your professional profile and career aspirations and the second from on how social media are being embraced by HigherEd…

TwitLonger – When you talk too much for Twitter

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Via Scoop.itSchooL-i-Tecs 101

TwitLonger is a simple service that lets you post those tricky messages that really do need more than 140 characters and send them to Twitter…


LinkedIn Transforms Job Search for M.B.A. Graduates – US News and World Report

Via Scoop.itSchooL-i-Tecs 101

Business schools are encouraging students to start early and be active on the social networking site…

In this article Sherrie Negrea shares career development expert insights of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook impact on the transforming professional landscape.


20 Twitter Hashtags Every Teacher Should Know About

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Check out an Edudemic wealthy collection of Twitter chats that Every Teacher Should Know About  covering anything and everything in education, from topics concerning school administrators and librarians to special educators’ resources.