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An Expert’s Eye-view of Professional Development Delivery Options

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If the organisation is still classroom-centric, then we need to think about whether the project is an opportunity to offer staff new delivery options. We also need to consider what is lost when we move training out of the workshop and  into a self-directed modality, such as e-learning or video.

Workshop, elearning or video?

Alison Bickford examines how these options relate to learning strategy.


How to run a great workshop

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Recommending Nikki Highmore Sims’ book “How to run a great workshop” to all involved in delivering workshops or training including information literacy tutorials. It features a lot of fascinating ideas for creative minds…


Cahier d’activités pour « Jeunéalogistes »| An Educator´s Handbook | Portail de la Généalogie Québécoise

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Le cahier d’activités généalogiques s’adresse aux responsables de la formation des sociétés de généalogie et aux enseignants. Il leur revient de s’en approprier le contenu, de l’adapter à leurs besoins et à leurs ressources, d’effectuer les contacts avec le monde scolaire et d’organiser les ateliers pertinents.