Lia Sant edufolio

The Unquiet Educator Blueprints

With European summer progressively catching up and a spirit of postponement gaining ground, sunshine and sandy beaches awaiting, I came back to an old idea of putting together against all distractions some sort of a simple steps guide for K-12 teachers, edtech and social networking rookies with useful tips, links, suggestions and expert insights to PLNs, instructional design and Web 2.0 world.

Remembering where I was and how it felt like when first time setting off to explore and take part in this whole new context, not very long ago, how much intimidated, confused, disoriented and overwhelmed  I’ve often been in regards to choosing what’s best for my style, objectives, expectations from a universe of tools, media, apps, communities, widgets, networks.

And you’d better believe that this is a life long involvement which starting as a learning and networking enhancement grows not just to part of your working schedule but literally your inner 2.0.

This is the first in a series of articles that will be regularly posted on my blog under the Title The Unquiet Educator.


Check the following…

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