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Global Student E-book Survey

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The vast majority of students would choose electronic over print if it were available and if better tools along with fewer restrictions were offered.” Read more on the slow adoption of digital textbooks by students in a Audrey Watters revealing blogpost.


Infographing the New-Tech Educational Landscape…

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A rich-content well balanced layout infographic by the innovating oBizMedia team aggregating faculty views and statistics on the extend of edtech, social media and elearning assimilation.

Baby Steps into the Cloud

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Gerald Haigh, an educational writer and journalist, spoke with a range of people involved with the adoption of Cloud services in education, both within Microsoft and from education institutions already using Cloud services for their students and staff, to get to the bottom of their views on the future…

Information Literacy OERs – tell us what you know

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Via Scoop.itNew-Tech Librarian

Survey to gather information on how librarians share Open Educational Resources (OER)

The CILIP CSG-Information Literacy group are delighted to be partnering with UNESCO to collaborate on a new project to highlight information literacy open educational resources in the UK.

With this aim they are conducting a short survey of librarians to gather information about the OER collections  currently used and to identify people interested in working on the project either in the UK or elsewhere in the world.