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Time to network…

 MATHISI 2.0 Plus 2014-02-05_2224(Learning 2.0 plus) Project database recent update conducted by the UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF APPLIED COMMUNICATION – DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATION & MASS MEDIA presents an excellent networking opportunity for researchers, educators, librarians and learning enhancement advisors interested and/or actively involved in learning technologies, Web 2.0 tools and Social Networking for education. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of the aggregated knowledge, insight and expertise of Mathisi 2.0 listed professionals!!


Making sense on my online activity… (Post 6-II)

Deseando elaborar una valoración de los beneficios adquiridos y los objetivos alcanzados a lo largo de la asignatura Web Social, me parece oportuno sino imprescindible  sobre todo  felicitar a los profesores por la libertad acordada a cada participante de establecer desde el inicio del curso no sólo sus propias metas sino también planificar su estrategia individualizada en lograr los resultados deseados.

Es verdad que esta flexibilidad e independencia no podría prescribirse que dentro en el marco de una nueva didáctica adaptada a los requisitos del aprendizaje colaborativo del siglo XXI y cuyas ventajas muy temprano se han hecho notables y apreciadas. 21st century learning

Gracias a una programación (more…)

Letter in a bottle…

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Lo que me fascinaba siempre desde mis primeras entradas, era la posibilidad de tener una visión literalmente global de los lectores de mi blog.  Una vez integrado el widget de la aplicación adecuada a este seguimiento, y lamentablemente debido a limitaciones por motivos de seguridad no son muchas estas herramientas compatibles con la plataforma, no se ha dejado de monitorear el flujo de tráfico online.

2013-05-20_0117Cómo es encantador el globo terrestre  cubierto por una gruesa capa de  pequeñas marcas rojas cada una representando una persona que ha entrado en tu espacio digital (more…)

Nolens Volens

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Es indiscutible que muchos no tenemos a veces ni tiempo ni dedicación en profundizar o considerar las repercusiones de nuestro involucramiento en la red, aún más chequear de manera detallada o mejor concebir lo que se implica de permisos que concedamos a fin de disfrutar las ventajas de networking y socialización digital. Además, son numerables los casos en los que nos vemos forzados de inscribirnos en círculos internéticos ¨de moda¨ particulares por motivos de afiliación o promoción de nuestra marca profesional dentro de las coordenadas de una estrategia marketing sin pero tener muchas ganas y aunque plenamente conscientes  de los inconvenientes o retos que afrontaremos a continuación.networks

En muchos casos, no se trata de analfabetismo digital, sino de pasar por alto volens nolens aspectos de máxima importancia que podrían sin embargo luego pesar gravemente sobre reputaciones y prestigios.

La responsabilidad resta entonces compartida y es exactamente en este contexto que se espera de las bibliotecas y centros de información conjuntamente con docentes y community managers programar acciones y reacciones sensibilizando el público y especialmente los jóvenes en el uso más cuidadoso y selectivo de los frutos de Web 2.0.

Peer to peer Social Learning : Bloomfire

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Team Knowledge is Powerful

Contribute it. Share it. Ask for it.

A Bloomfire is your secure place to share knowledge among teammates. Post content, comments, and questions. Watch it spread.

  • Get your front-line teams communicating with one another. Rookie team members can follow every move of your seasoned veterans. Go ahead, clone your best sales rep today and see what happens.
  • Invite your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Goolge+ contacts with a couple of clicks or keep it small and invite your team via email. Even better, do both with multiple Bloomfire communities.

ePals: Where Learners connect…

ePals is a platform designed to promote meaningful teaching and learning, showing teachers and students how to use technology strategically to promote the fundamental learning principles essential for academic achievement. This involves creating a safe and secure content-rich environment that challenges students and educators to research smartly, collaborate with other learners of all ages, think critically, problem-solve, and communicate their learning using various web 2.0 tools. It is this way that technology serves deep learning and is not simply an add-on in the classroom.

Build with Gooru!!

Gooru is a search engine for learning that allows you to explore and study over 2,600 standards-aligned and personalized study guides covering 5th-12th grade math and science topics, and resources including digital textbooks, animations, instructor videos and more allvetted and organized by teachers or Gooru’s content experts.
Gooru also makes it easy for you to connect with your worldwide peers to make learning a social experience and best of all, Gooru adapts to you. Based on the topics you study and your performance on self-assessments, Gooru suggests resources and study guides that will help you master the concepts…

Infographing your way through social media…

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Two must-read through data visualizations, the first one from Zintro on the Social Media platforms facts and figures and degrees of  how each one of these could help promote your professional profile and career aspirations and the second from on how social media are being embraced by HigherEd…

The Unquiet Educator Part 1

It all has to do with the degree of determination, commitment and critical thinking.  If you have your resources well organised –  RSS feeds, discussion groups, twitter- then time will never again be an issue.

Information, tools, advice, professional development opportunities are out there for you to grasp.  Provided you’ve developed a selection, screening and feedback process, you will eventually be shielded against a lot of frustration and waste of time.

A few kickstarter tips can make the difference:

  1. Start with a LinkedIn Profile.  We’ll be surprised how the  resumé builder process will help you refocus on your strengths and weaknesses and rethink where you would like to be in terms of qualifications, experience and practice.  You’ll also have the amazing opportunity of interacting with other professionals and profit from their expert opinions and advice.
  2. Sign up in Twitter  and search for the relevant to your professional field hashtags like #edtech, #edreform #learning, #education etc, and start following people or organisations actively involved in that field.  You’ll be amazed of how much relevant info you’ll soon be getting.
  3. Search for educational news, institutes, magazines, higherEd blogs and progressively build up your RSS aggregator such as that, on a daily basis, will be bringing to you all that’s  fresh and current in your area of interest.
  4.  Start a LiveBinder  and by using the Livebinder it bookmarklet on your browser bar everytime you come across a site that’s worth showcasing just press the key!!!  There will soon be a whale of useful resources for you to share with students and colleagues.
  5. Start a curation  topic.  By tapping on the bookmarklet installed on your browser bar you’ll be able to put together a great theme magazine for your class to enjoy and work on!!!
  6. Start an edublog or website (wordpress, weebly, edublogs, google sites…).  Even if your school doesn’t have an LMS yet where student to student and teacher to student interactions can take place facilitating the learning process, enhancing student progress, making learning edtech integration engaging and fun, even for the most technology reluctant education community members, the design and implementation of such a project through active participation and contributions will soon be proven beneficial to all.
  7. Don’t forget about the opportunities that QR codes educational use has brought to the profession.  I personally consider QR codes an intriguing and cunning way to make students get involved!!  By taking advantage of their inherit curiosity, you can set up a lot of projects, resources for them to explore with a simple smartphone.  Explore all the possibilities.
  8. Don’t neglect the power of image over young people.  Engaging 3-minute presentations, videos, slideshows can make a world of difference. Youtube, brainshark, slideshare, screenr are just a few places where you can upload your productions to share with your class.

So, sleeves up and Connect, Aggregate, Curate, Interact.

Ed Leaders Meet for the ASU SkySong Ed Innovation Summit

Via Scoop.itSchooL-i-Tecs 101

Education leaders meet in Scottsdale, AZ April 16-18, 2012 for the Education Innovation Summit 12, hosted by Arizona State University (ASU) SkySong, to discuss major trends in personalized and adaptive learning, new models for delivering education…


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