Lia Sant edufolio

QRD How-to Topics

1.  HOW TO  have latest educational news/announcements gathered all in one place?

2.  HOW TO set up an RSS aggreagator?

3.  HOW TO stream educational content tweets to my RSS aggregator?

4.  HOW TO quickly set up a webinar?

5.  HOW TO make my presentations really work?

  6.  HOW TO create quick by eye-catching slideshows?
  7.  HOW TO easily set up an offline LMS?

8.  HOW TO best bookmark interesting sites to share with my class?
9.  HOW TO find peer reviewed edtech web 2.0 tools all in one place?

10.  HOW TO create an engaging newsletter for my students to read and contribute?

11.  HOW TO judge social media platforms educational purposes suitability?

12.  HOW TO decide between organising an edublog or a website to serve my teaching practice?

13.  HOW TO support and encourage student writing talents?

14.  HOW TO make QR codes for learning enhancement?

15.  HOW TO set up on twitter a student communication channel?

16.  HOW TO give my students an open source alternative to Ms Office?

17.  HOW TO have my documents available anytime anywhere?

18.  HOW TO best explain the CLOUD advantages to my class?

19.  HOW TO have a free group online videocall?

20.  HOW TO find ready-to-use peer reviewed lesson plans?

21.  HOW TO best take advantage of the YouTube educational video uploads?

22.  HOW TO effectively use Google Docs to enhance my students’ participatory attitude?

23.  HOW TO make homework more engaging and rewarding through edtech use?

24.  HOW TO map teaching resources, ideas,  principles, universal facts and figures on a captivating canvas for students to easier understand , appreciate and remember?

25.  HOW TO use talking avatars in my edublog?

26.  HOW TO refresh my students’ memory of old articles posted on out blog?

27.  HOW TO effectively leverage backchanneling?

28.  HOW TO quickly measure student participation and learning outcomes during class?

29.  HOW TO allow students control over their learning path?

30.  HOW TO ensure that my flipped classroom  will be successful?

31.  HOW TO inspire students to a more active school project involvement?

32.  HOW TO produce learn-by-watching online teaching material?

33.  HOW TO choose the LMS that best suits my teaching objectives?

34.  HOW TO search for affordable professional development opportunities?

35.  HOW TO make flipped homework best work?

36.  HOW TO integrate interactive whiteboards into classroom everyday practice?

37.  HOW TO deliver whiteboard tutorials without the whiteboard?

38.  HOW TO go beyond LMS?

39.  HOW TO use online fora and announcement sections to motivate learners?

40.  HOW TO engage learners to educational content video productions?

41.  HOW TO keep backchanneling subject matter relevant?

42.  HOW TO find an affordable elearning authoring app for quick just-in-time tutorials?


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