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Gnowledge: Create, share, learn…

Gnowledge is a free-to-use education platform where everyone can create, publish, share and take tests, exercises and assignments.


Muhammed Chaudhry (SVEF) describes Lessonopoly

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Lessonopoly is an open educational resource aiming to make life a little easier for busy educators like you.
Developed by Silicon Valley Education Foundation, this site was created with constant input from teachers to deliver a set of effective and easy to use tools, even for teachers who do not have time to learn new technologies, empowering them to organize activities inside and outside the classroom, create and share lesson plans, and connect to other teachers by building online communities.

In this short videocast, Muhammed Chaudhry, CEO of the Silicon Valley Education Foundation, describes the Lessonopoly concept…

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Leveraging the edtech integration deficiency!!

With today’s western economies downsizing, it’s understandable how counties, while in the process of web 2.0 and mobile technologies classroom practice integration, are stalling on their education reform projects.

This setback is about and, in many cases, has already started to heavily weigh upon learners’ prospects.  As interactive whiteboards, 1:1 computer programme or BYOD policies, LMS and Infolit implementation, flipped homework initiatives, teacher PD workshops and school media centers development are progressively postponed or abandoned even  so, educators are starting to wonder on how to leverage the impact of this huge competences gap that new graduates are about to experience.

With the rest of the world already entering the education 3.0 domain, where LMS are considered outdated and customised / personalized learning is top priority, recession teachers still struggle to come up with free edtech solutions to offer their class a decent education 2.0 … field trip!!

Most discussions and comments point to only one direction: school leaders and teaching staff all forecasting the predominant school media specialist role.

As the learning process has become liberated from the traditional “one and only” textbook and, since online educational resources, tools, digital repositories, open source applications are the only best alternative to enhance students learning the “affordable way”, national educational strategies should put first on their agendas the need to officially adopt the “Every School-One Big Learning Enhancement Center” motto, promote and swiftly implement this principle.

Employing an adequate number of information specialists, education professionals, librarians, elearning advisors is the best ROI decision ensuring with their know-how, specialisation and extensive content creation experience the spurt of a greater Knowmad workforce generation able to effectively cope with the 21st century challenges and actively contribute to global economic recovery.

Joining forces with the SMEs, they’ll put down flexible foundations of learning enhancement and flipped classroom good practices facilitating teaching staff and young learners to quickly master the new-tech world and reach their full potential.

Maths Games from Mangahigh

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Mangahigh is a comprehensive and powerful maths teaching resource designed for use in a school context offering full coverage of the UK National Curriculum with more than 400 different challenges ranging from addition to quadratic factorisation.   As students work best when they work at the edge of their abilities, Mangahigh tempts students with easy tasks and then builds confidence for harder, more conceptual work.

8 Ways Teachers and Students Can Use Google+

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A reminder of some great Google+ features for classroom use…


Save Money. Study Faster. Ace the Class – BOUNDLESS

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I’m one of the first in line for Boundless. Looking forward to never buying and using a textbook again. Join Me!

Boundless Learning is making the world’s open educational content more useful for students by connecting them with the wealth of high quality, openly licensed, and free educational content that has been created by leading educators and institutions over the last 20 years. We work directly with pillars of the Open Educational Resources (OER) community and have an esteemed set of advisors and investors with substantial experience in education, publishing, and OER. Boundless curates the best open content to create a free learning platform that saves students money and helps them learn more efficiently.



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i-Ready is a robust, online platform that offers a computer-adaptive diagnostic, personalized data-driven instruction on foundation skills, standards-based practice, and a Common Core readiness screener. It’s all you need to significantly improve student outcomes in reading and math.


StudySync User Video

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StudySync™ is an innovative learning tool that connects students to the great ideas of mankind through its extensive library of classic and modern texts. Its innovative, video-based lessons model thoughtful academic discourse and support structured peer-to-peer communication.

StudySync’s® rich combination of texts and visual media provides students with important academic touchstones that help build confidence and incite thoughtful, intelligent response to all types of texts, while stimulating a desire for reading.


Magnifying the Power of Learning with e-Portfolios

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Over the years, one of the major problems in higher education has been our inability to provide evidence of what students learn, particularly those broader skills and attributes critical to students’ future success.

Creating an e-portfolio can provide great personal insight by helping them draw connections between what they have been taught, what they have learned, the skills they have developed, and the values they hold. It can help them connect things that, at first glance, have little in common…


EBSCO – Online Research Databases for K-12 Schools – EBSCOhost

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EBSCO provides the highest quality online research databases for elementary, middle, and high schools. Full-text periodicals, Journals for teachers, eBooks for students, literary resources and more…


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