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Más que publicar entradas…

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Más que publicar entradas, WordPress  permite crear páginas web aportando más versatilidad y flexibilidad en el diseño.

La sencillez en generar menús y vincular posts a páginas, la posibilidad de crear múltiples blogs con un solo registro, la gran capacidad de almacenamiento gratuito, su librería multimedia, la importación automática de entradas y comentarios provenientes de otros blogs, su amplia variedad de widgets con funcionalidades diversas, la adición de comentarios de los lectores y las estadísticas integradas han servido de manera más que adecuada, ordenada y bien sistemática los objetivos formativos, informativos y orientativos de mi blog que se ha demostrado hasta ahora idóneo para armar mi propio portafolio personal digital. (more…)


Easy come, Easy go!!

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My rather short although condensed involvement in Social Media Stage counting a rather modest but nevertheless meaningful, I hope, contribution, has generated over time a series of dilemmas, second thoughts and legitimate considerations that have shaped responsiveness, styles and attitudes and will continue to do so in the future.

All voices, not to count my intuition, were always telling me

  • Keep it short and simple!!
  • Make your title intriguing enough to mesmerize your audience
  • Make your point from the very first 5 lines so as to capture your readers’ attention right from the start.
  • Use abundant graphics and videos and ask kick starter questions to take the conversation to the next step.
  • Give room for debate.
  • Don’t forget to be appreciative. Follow and Retweet. Be persistent and establish a steady communicative flow.

Halfway at some point, feeling overwhelmed decided against all good practices to take my time and distance, reevaluate, relax, reconsider.

No matter how active one might have been in socializing, networking, curating, as they say: EASY COME, EASY GO.  Even if you have the greatest content ever, once deciding to slow down your activities, inflows drop down dramatically. (more…)

Infographing compelling content creation ideas

When having run out of inspiration, when having no clue of how to reconnect to your readers, this exceptional data visualization brought to you by will absolutely help you restart your brain with “22 ways to create compelling content”!!!

Helpful Tips on how to weave aspiring PLNs

Personal Learning Networks, or PLNs, are a universal reality extending from family and friends teachers and students, to worldwide communities like Facebook, blogs, wikis…

Your  PLN can do wonders for your Professional development, Classroom resources and lesson plans and your students skills (Watch the Networked Student Video)

It is in fact a global learning network, enabling you build personal relationships with fellow educators, school administrators and experts from around the world, share resources, learn and collaborate and get feedback on your ideas and projects.  It’s well worth taking time and effort to build it as you’ll soon discover that your PLN is the best professional development you’ll ever have.

At the beginning, the whole process might seem overwhelming. However, creating a PLN, has proved to be the best way to get new teachers on the move.

Start with what you know! Set your goals

Open yourself to the world!

Become an active social-media (Twitter) user by visiting, choosing from hashtags that connect to your interests and  starting using them. It might seem difficult at first to follow threads of conversation but before giving up, try rethinking your strategy. It’s only a matter of weeks before you’ll be able to train others in social media practices. Remember that educators always look for innovative resources.  Thus sharing quality content, will help make more connections quickly!

Sign up in twitter,a diverse and innovative network giving you access to thousands of like minded  teachers around the world with rich backgrounds that can contribute to effective teaching and learning, complete your bio, connect to edubloggers from the Edublogs  (International Edublog DirectoryEdublog Awards Nominees) community, tweet, retweet and contribute.  Don’t forget to check your twitter interactions, email inbox daily and always respond and comment back and thank for RTs / mentions. Whenever possible start twitter topic discussions

Set a daily routine


Take one step at a time.   Read educational blogs and keep on tweeting about your professional discoveries, news, considerations. Get involved in webinar series as participant or presenter.  Share links, ideas, content with other educators and connect to those having a more in depth knowledge about different topics.

Alternatively view webinars (Serendipitiy – FineFocus) post your thoughts about them on your blog, leave comments and  links to your blog posts..

Join educator communities such as EdutopiaClassroom 2.0, and Teacher 2.0 forums that encourage and promote teacher collaboration.  Learn from others, be appreciative and help others learn.

Organise your Resources Put together livebinders, start scooping your favourite content, define your blog objectives

Don’t rush things. Let time take its course

Be resourceful and creative in the use of Skype

Be Prepared to Collaborate and Take part in projects

Blogging (wordpress)and following other blogs helps you build a strong PLN. Read , Write, Comment… Approve comments quickly, and always respond back to your posts readers

Subscribe to RSS feeds,

Use Flipboard,

Backchannel in conferences, follow conversations and highlight links

Share Bookmarks (Diigo, Delicious)

Keep up with experts (LinkedIn Teacher’s Lounge, ISTE),

Why do Edubloggers blog??

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In this very interesting post, best edubloggers share their thoughts on what makes education professionals start blogging.  Extending PLNs and sharing teaching ideas are just two of the basic motivators…Image

What Newbies should know about Blogging…

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Successful Edublogging demystified!!

Top edubloggers sharing their views on how support, collaboration and authenticity are key elements to attracting and engaging your audience…